Book – J. Ponzo, S. Stano (eds.), I media e le icone culturali (Saggi di Lexia, 2024)

J. Ponzo, S. Stano (eds.), I media e le icone culturali, Rome, Aracne, 2024 (Saggi di Lexia #53).

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The volume aims to take stock of the reflection on cultural icons, renewing it thanks to an interdisciplinary dialogue. The essays collected here contribute, on the one hand, to a critical examination of what cultural icons are, proposing theoretical reflections on fundamental concepts, such as those of icon and culture, which have a rich and complex history and which never cease to be rethought and reformulated, for example in semiotics. On the other hand, we find in the proposed studies a strong applicative vocation, which manifests itself in analyses of specific cases capable of providing a new perspective for the understanding of social and cultural phenomena of great importance in the world – or, better, in the semiosphere — in which we live and of the role that communication processes and, more specifically, the evolution of the media and their discourses play in relation to these phenomena.

What is NeMoSanctI?


NeMoSanctI is a research project carried out at the University of Turin. It studies how models of sanctity have changed after the Second Vatican Council. To this end, it applies a pioneering methodology based on semiotic theory to a wide corpus of normative, judicial, and narrative texts.

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 757314).